February 17, 2013

Creative Writing (APSIA UI- 16/2)

Creative Writing Workshop - (16/2)

Speakers :
Kak Arry Rachmawan author of “Kata Hati”, has launched 500 articles in a year.
Kak Diego author of “Percaya” and student at FIB UI 
Kak Boim Lebon- Author lupus and 100 others book
Kak Windy Ariestanty – Editor at Gagas Media

Session 1 with ka Diego and Kak Boim was awesome. tons of new thing that we got from them about "writing" and Session 2 with kak Arry and kak Windy was great, they reached us all about how to be productive and writing in creative and unique way.

Quotes :
"read a lot, write a lot !" - Arry Rachmawan
"to be a consistent writer, get used to write ur idea on notebook, it will keep your ideas and   passion." – Diego
“How to be funny writer ? Learn, research, excercise.” - Boim Lebon
“Comedy doesn't mean you'll have to be funny, its all about seeing not funny things in a funny way” - Windy Ariestanty

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Thanks Champs!

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