July 22, 2012

YES Berbagi Batch 1

The alumni of YES program 2010-2011 currently working on an alumni social project entitled “YES Berbagi”. Berbagi in Indonesian means “to share”. YES Berbagi is designed to inspire young people to achieve their dreams by doing interactive discussion and active learning in emergency schools around Jakarta Metropolitan Era (Jabodetabek) that mostly inhabit by the underprivileged youth. This project is planned to held in 3 months, once in every month and hopefully could still countinue thrice in a year in the future.
This program held in collaboration with US Embassy in Indonesia, Education USA Indonesia,  Bina Antar Budaya Foundation, AMINEF (American Indonesian Exchange Foundation), and IYAA (Indonesian YES Alumni Association).
Our first project held on 16 to 18 July 2012 in SMP Terbuka Ibnu Sina. SMP Terbuka Ibnu Sina is located on Jl. Riau Kampung Rawa Barat Rt 004 Rw 05, Kel. Pondok Pucung, Kel. Pondok Aren, Tangerang Selatan 15229. This school is sponsored by Maleo Foundation which is initiated by a group of religious women (Quranic Club) who care about education and health of underprivileged community around Bintaro Jaya. Therefore SMP Terbuka Ibnu Sina is made for the underpriviledged youth who are willing to pursue their education but don’t have enough money to afford a reguler education. This school offer free of charge for  those youth to have a good education so that they can still pursue their dreams, since most of the teachers are volunteer and school supplies given by the school are donation.
      The reason why we choose this school because we think this school is ideal for our project . The criteria that make this school fitted with our project are:
1.     Most of the students are having finacial issues so they cannot afford a good education. We want to help underpriviledged youth to have the same motivation, spirit and passion as we do in achieving their dreams.
2.     This school is located in the suburban of Jakarta in which youth around this area are also expected to support the development of the capital city.
3.    Junior high school (middle school) students would be the ideal to assist for achieving their dream,   because we want them to continue their study to a specialized school
4.    which is required more skill such as SMK or Academy instead of going to SMA and college that  require a lot of money.
5.    As a part of YES Alumni, we don’t want the impact of our program stop after a year of program has finished and only benefit to ourselves. However, we want to give a greater impact to the community by sharing our experience that we have got through our exchange years, generating the volunterism, giving inspiration and motivations.
The main comitte of YES Berbagi are Aryanda Ondrio as the Project Officer, Nadya Azzahra and Dwinia Emil as the Program Coordinator,  Haikal Eki Ramadhan as Secretary and Treasury, Nadia Shifa Hardani as Public Relation Officer, Annisa Sabila Aufary Chandra as Creative Team, and Hanissa Zianda as Secretary.  This project also welcome all of the volunteers who have the same vision and mission to pursue the goal of this project. So far, there were 28 volunteers for the first batch of YES Berbagi coming from both returnee and non returnee of the YES program.
Initially, this program wants to make a “Class of Inspiration” which is designed similarly to the Career Day in the School of United States. This class will be a media for YES alumni to share their stories and experience in order to inspire young kids to pursue their dream as high as possible. However as the development of this project, it become more flexible and dynamic to serve and support the school according to their needs such as the form of this “Class of Inspiration” delivered in the School Orientation of SMP Terbuka Ibnu Sina.
YES Berbagi program wants to give a different perspective of how the School Orientation should be held in Indonesia, unlike the common School Orientation that focused mainly on the interaction of the junior to the senior which is sometimes have a high tendency for bullying to be happened. This program tried to make the orientation become more fun, inspiring, creative and interactive so that it can prepare the students to face their school life as well as their future life ahead. In this program, the students are facilitated to think critically and have a better self esteem to be confidence speaking in front of many people to deliver their thoughts.

The first day began with a flag ceremony and  then continued with an introduction of the comittee and the volunteer of YES Berbagi to the students. The activities followed by games and ice breaking, also group distribution. The group distribution aimed to make the activties run more smoothly so the students could be more focus and have a good interactive discussion. The first session was exploring self potential and passion which facilitated students to express themselves elaborately and creatively. The next session was inventing dreams which the students were asked to write down their bucket list as many as possible. The chaperone of the group then facilitated them to give a better direction of how to classified their wish to be accomplished in a short term and long term period of time. The session also discussed about the definition of success and how each of the sudents define succes and how to achieve it. They also asked to write down their dream in a bubble whcih it will be captured and the printed of the photo will be used for crafting in the last day.
The next day filled up with mini outbonds to enhance their leadership skills and teamwork. There were move the rope, shipwreck and telling stories, which were designed in a fun way and in a form competition between the groups. After that, the activities done in the outbond were discussed in a larger forum so that all of the student would get the message behind each outbounds. They were also encouraged to develop an organisation inside their school such as student council. The day ended with a session of “Entrepreneurship” and future exploration by US Embassy, Education USA and AMINEF (American Indonesian Exchange Foundation)
The last day were entertained with drama performances from Ibnu Sina students entitled “Kota Impian” (Dream City) which is guided by the chaperone of the group and various performances from the comittee and the volunteer. The students also decorated their classroom by making display from the bubbles of their dream that have been creatively designed by them. To end up the all of the actitivies of the program, there were announcement of the winner of the drama, best student, group slogan, speech from Ms. Sri (Maleo Foundation Representatives), and also donated books as a part of National Book Drive project that held by Bina Antarbudaya Fondation and IYAA (Indonesian YES Alumni Association).
Hopefully this project could be sustainable in the future and give a great impact not only to the underprivilleged community that we served but also to the volunteer so that they can ehance their sense to share to their community.

Nadya Azzahra
Program Coordinator of YES Berbagi
Alumni of YES 2010-2011

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