September 21, 2010

The End Of Summer Holiday and Ready to Fall Season !!!

Yes guys , Summer times in United States  when I came here, was it hot ?? not really, it was about 38-45 degrees of Celsius , its similar to Jakarta i thought ! let’s check what im doing during Summer and the beginning in fall season ))

Washington DC City Tour
First stop was US Dept Of State,The head of Officers gave welcome and guide speech to all of  AFS Committee and  AFS/YES Exchange students from the other countries. And then Indonesian kids  went to Indonesian Embassy in DC Government Area, the  head of Education attaché and all of Embassy Staffs were very welcome, lunch time with Indonesian Traditional food was the best part of this event, lol…  that’s why , all Indonesian kids enjoyed very much this moment and needed to stay longer in embassy. Hahha ). But then, it was time to go shopping, we went to Union Central, its like Central Station and Shopping Center, with 10 USD we must buy phone card, souvenir and personal stuff, haha, it was impossible with 10 USD we could buy all of this stuff in here, but unbelievably we could do it, so then it was the time to learn about Financial plan !! Next Stop was Lincoln Memorial Park, which is full of histories. The huge statue and great story of American history!! and in the outside we can see the big monument ! all of us took a picture together ! yeah ….

Maritime Aquarium and  Puppy Park
With my hostfamily  (dad, luke, fabian and I)  we visited maritime aquarium, if u had known SeaWorld in Jakarta it's pretty similar, but the differences is, the maritime aquarium has inside and outside part !! there we can see penguin,  nice jellyfish and etc.  and how about puppy park ? its my new habit, my family has one dog,  her name is ‘lucy’ , she’s  beautiful , active and helpful dog !! first I saw her, she looks like dog in Scooby doo Cartoon ! really …  so thats why , mom and I or luke always playing with lucy in puppy park . spend time with her its so very funny !! love you lucy …..

Vacation to Rhode Island !!
Yeah, its time to vacation to the other part of United States,  Rhode Island !!! rhode island is Small State in East Coast, not far from Darien, its about 4-5 Hour by Car. We stayed 3 days 2 nights in there, with mom, dad, ellen, luke, fabian and me !!! oh ya fabian is exchanges student from Germany, he stayed with my  family for 2 weeks because Fabian’s hostfam was on vacation to europe. He is energetic and kind person !! during the vacation I was fasting because it was on ramadhan month ! but it was not such hindrance to don’t do the activities. First day we went to high land to see the Ocean !! it was very beautiful ! I could see bird flying above the waves ! its pretty cool !! second day ,it was time to swimming (actually little bit swimming), Surfing and Sunbathing … well, I still was fasting but it was fine (hard) guys , hahahah  …  it was a very good experience, why ? because I usually only see this in movies but now I was doing that by myself! my mom and dad like sunbathing very much, and ellen too. Meanwhile luke tought me and fabian about surfing ! luke is very great about surfing, cool guy !! and how about me ? hemm, not bad, lol. I love the beach in summer time!!! Before we came back to the hotel, we played mini golf and go cart, it was fun ! And the last day in rhode island, we went to ‘the breakers museum’ its likes big house with luxurious, expensive and antique stuff ! and its well organized, the officers provides headset with 3 languages (germany, spain and english) to explain about the museum, this museum is residence for king and queens (I was forget the names). And the last is Newport City tour, we went around the other side of newport to see the other part of rhode island. Rhode island is like ‘kota tua’ in jakarta. With the old building and good architecture. NewPort so very beautiful city !!!

Ground Zero (Ex WTC 911), Liberty Statue and Staten Island !!
I was really interested to go to Famous Places in NYC. With Fabian , we took train from Darien to go to Central Station , just 45 minutes (for information we must pay train ticket about 22 USD) ! and train was there on time!. then I was in Grand Zero, its Ex WTC Building, the building was wrecked because of the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 (911)!! many people died in this tragedy !!  and I was very sad …. When I went there, there were so many volunteers and tourists !!! hemm, and then ..  it was like dream guys, This was an AFS Event , so I went there with kids from the other countries. I met Mitch in Central station in NYC, Mitch is AFS Volunteer. And met the all of kid in Staten Island, staten island is part of New York City. And then, we were ready to see the liberty statue !! oh my god, it was very amazing …. I was speechless,  I was standing in front of the famous statue in the world !!! and my friends were very funny, I really like spend time and hang out with them. Liberty I wanna see  you more closer sometimes !!!

David Gray and Ray Lamontagne Concert !
Oh my, it was a very wonderful night, me with my family went to New York State to watch performance  of famous artist in here !! Jonas beach theatre were very amazing, as you know, the stage on the beach ! and the seat of audiences in front of beach, so cold and it was very nice view ! lights, sounds were very great ! and the audiences were very attractive like singing together and standing ovation in the end of performances !  David gray and ray lamontagne are famous artist in here and in the world too! Its amazing night !!!

Central Park and Little Italia in Manhattan
Holy cow, it was time to hang out in fall session ! me, with luke, George and Fabian took a train to go to Central station in NYC and then we continued with subway to go to Central Park !! it’s a big park In NYC. The big screens every where,  big fountain,  Music Court,  many delicious restaurants, I like the crowded  and we visited Apple Central Store !! it’s a big Store , when I came , they were launching New Series Ipod and Iphone 4 ! huwaw !! be patient, save money and then buy it ! (I dont have money now 0,0).next destination was little Italia, its like 3-4 block , and full of Italian stuff, from clothes shop till pizza house and cappuccino café ala italiano ! yummy, I drank a cup of capucinno, it tasted great !!!

Kent Falls State Park and Boating !
yeah, Fasting and Hiking ? Why not, it was very great guys, me with mom, dad, luke and fabian, we went to Upstate Connecticut, and then doing Small Hiking in Kent Falls State Park. so many people there (Native American, Indians and Chinese too)! huwaa, yah , it was not so high hill, but its awesome, beatiful view,  nice water and good water fall !!! and then time to ride a boat !! i with luke, katie (luke's girlfriends) and katie's mom. It was amazing, once again i met new things  in american lifestyle, almost all family in here have a boat, or kayak !! lucky me, they invited me to join them riding the boat .it was a cool boat guys , i want it ... ))..

Pool Party
This party was held of ally reis family !! its like welcoming party for Fall Season and celebrate the end of summer !!! in fact, american like a party very much!! I came with my family. The activities like swim, play badminton, volley, and of course time to dinner together !!! Awesome…

Weekend in Fall Season
This weekend I had 2 activities, on Saturday evening, my AFS liaison, Ms Marian Pierce with her son ‘dan’ pick me up, and then we went to BIG store to buy some stuff, and after that we went to her home. Marian wanted to cook Pizza ! dan and I played badminton !! I wanna tell you a little bit, marian is very kind person, nice and beautiful ! shes my liaison for one year. If I had a problem or need something to share marian is best places to share it !  marian had 2 sons, first is Dan pierce and second is Erick pierce, , her sons are very friendly ! then time to dinner , pizza ala marian was coming !! oh my, it was home made but it was GREAT !!! I like it very much … heem yummy yummy ….. thanks marian for your pizza ! and on Sunday , I went to four fair town in sommers, its borders area with massachusets ! dad , luke and me, leave at home around 9.30 , and about two hours we arrived there. It was like ‘PRJ in Jakarta’ , all of stuff was on sale and a small discount, animals show (Horse, Cow, Goat, Chicken, Rabbit, Pig,), Big slide Air, Big Pumpkin, many booths like food, shop, and etc. it was not very big fair, but that was ‘fair ala american’ !!!

Do you want to know my other experience in fall season ? see yaa at next posting !

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