U.S.A Experience
My First Football Games ) Aweesome!
Cheerleaders, Band are good entartainment during the games
Native American Festival in Upstate New York
Marching Bands & Colour Guard Flags Competition
The Competition are very Competitive and its was great!
Model United Nations Club
Homecoming Week!
Homecoming Party
DHS Fans!
attend the Naturalization Citizenship Ceremony at Westchester County Court
Halloween Party!
Trick or Treat ???
My ugly pumpkin
My Mom make a pumpkin, shes so expert :D
The Pumpkin !!! happy halloween !
Obama Campaign at Bridgeport
Obama Speech are so fabulous! Lets go Democrat!!
Winter Show at DHS
Inherit The Wind! Great Job Theater 308 DHS !
Thanks Giving Parade
The Parade was AWESOOOME!
Luke and I, it was cold -.- but the parade was great
The giant baloon
The end of fall season, Vacation to the State Park
Playin Pool w/ My Friend at Home 
Spent time to playin bowling
Thanks Giving Time !!
at Bryant Park, Ice Skating Rinks in the Midtown NYC
My First Snoooow !!
Snow Storm in the Eastcoast area
Sledding in Upstate CT
It looks good huh ?
Happy Winter everybody!
U.S.A Adventures

Lincoln Memorial National Park, Washington DC
Washington Monument National Park, WashinGton DC
Historical Building, Washington DC
David Gray and Ray Lamontagne Concert at jonas Beach Theatre NY
Summer Vacation to Rhode Island State
Playin Mini Golf  at Rhode Island 
The Maritime Aquarium, South Norwalk 
Staten Island, New York
Statue of Liberty
Part of New York City 
Down town of New York City
Wall Street, New York City
New York City View from Brooklyn Bridge

Summer Holiday, Boating...
Hiking in Kent Falls State Park
Sit on the top of  Kent Falls Waterfall
Washington Square, New York City
Times Square, 42nd Street
Had Dinner in Little Italy, New York City
Mid Town New York !
Times Square, 42nd street, New York City
The Metropolitan Museum of art, New York
Grand Central Station, New York
Broadway Show !
Memphis Broadway Show
Madame Tussauds wax museum, New York City
Grab a pict with Bill Gates, lol
Hulk hit me up, its hurt thou :p
Bollywood in Hollywood !!
Hang out w/ My friends in Rockefeller Center
Rockefeller Center Plaza
My Favorite places for hangout, Times Square
American Museum of Natural History, New York

Manhattan sites, National Monument. Downtown NYC
Federal hall National Memorial
Broadway Street
Broadway Street, The Famous Street in the world
Ground Zero, WTC
WTC Visitor Center
Brooklyn Bridge
Eid al fitr and Christmas
at Masjid Al-Hikmah, (Buka Puasa Together)
Eid al Fitr at Masjid Al-Hikmah, NYC
Open House in Indonesian Consullar Affairs in NYC
(the Mr.&Mrs Consullar, my dad, fara, sam and Me)
Christmas morning, time to open the presents!
Christmas Party
went to church to see Marian's Concert
My First Christmas !
Presentation & Promotion
Indonesia stand  in Dance for Peace Expo-Festival, NY
AFS-YES Crew :p
Presentation about Indonesia in High School
Tell them about Rupiah, Indonesian Currency and the Economic system
Share the Legend Stories w/ the kids
Presentation about Indonesia, AFS-YES and Peace in Middle School
Show to them the Incredible Culture, Art and Cullinary of Indonesia
Darien High School
My New School !
The Back Yard
Chemiestry and Physic Classroom
My Guidance Counselor, Ms. Webb Maloney!
My First School Day
Student ID Card !
They Are My Family
First Meeting with My Host Family
My Parents
My Dad
My Mom
My Beautiful and Smart Sister, KATIE !
My Host Sister, Ellen Hill
My Cool and Charm Brother, LUKE !!!
My BEST LIAISON, Marian Pierce !
The Best DOG ever! 
My Lovely Lucy, she is always Funny :D
My New Bed Room :D
Home sweet Home :D
Indonesia in United States
at Indonesia Embassy in Washington DC
took picture at Embassy of Indonesia
at Indonesia Consullar Affairs in New York City
Indonesia Consullar Affairs in New York City
Indonesian Muslim Community (Masjid Al-Hikmah) in New York City
Indonesian Restaurant (Bali Nusa Indah) at Times Square, NYC 
Nasi Rames ?? Hmmmm.
Satay ala Dad ! My Dad is the best Chef :D
AFS-YES Orientation
Thanks to YES and U.S Dept of State
My AFS Group
We just arrived 3 days ago, but hows Hakim and I Miss Indonesia so bad ?
Last Meeting before we spread out -,-
Ramadhan party at Washington DC Orientation
The Cool New Yorker Kids
AFS-YES NYC EZ-Pass Metropolitan area Chapter

9981Miles (Jakarta-S'pore-Frankfurt-DC-NYC)
Last Meeting with My Famm --'
Ready to Start the Journey!

at Frankfurt, German.
The Bad Boys, how could we are in U.S right now?
Flight to Washington DC!
Last trip, Washington DC to New York City!!!!