March 05, 2013


Summary #2

APSIA Seminar, February 23th 2013.

Speaker : Tantia Dian Permata (MAPRES NASIONAL 2010)

Learn three concept to create stunning performances :
1.      Message : Idention, Audience, Writing, and Critique
2.      The Visual : Visual thingking, Graphic, Motion and Critique
3.      Delivery : Critique, Paper, Web and Human

How to create resonating message ? Understand and Communication

Know your audiences more by poin, goals and help

Every single presentation always start with Simple interesting question !

Lets developing the simple ideas for presentation!
1.      Its better to give one best reason, rather than 10 reason
2.      Be unexpected, when there are two extremely opposite ideas, then it will be strengthen to one another
3.      Be concrete
4.      Right details for the right audiences
5.      Be credible
6.      Appealing to emotions
7.      Tell the stories

There are 2 type speakers : Maskulin and Feminim

Key to be successful presentator :
1.      Being a leader and inspiring speakers
2.      Understanding the objective
3.      Develop the structure of your presentation
4.      With interesting story
5.      Have a character
6.       Static data
7.      And Humor

                     Tremendous seminar, thanks kak tantia, apsia committee, and apsia 2012 !!

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