AFS-YES Exchange Student
Performance of YES Jakarta
YES Jakarta and YES Abroad from United States
The YES Boys U.S - Jakarta
Talent Show AFS-YES Indonesia
Art Performance
Farewell Party Tribute To Indonesia!
Farewell Party w/ parents and Volunteer before leave -,-
Jakartans Rock America (Finally)
Young Ambassador of Jakarta
W/ My Bestfriends
Grand Final Remaja CERIA Contest
30 Finalist Ambassador South Jakarta
The Winner !
We are the cool Ambasador
Gathering Party
Meeting w/ The Jakarta Government

           Science Olympiad in Southeast Asia Level
Explain the Project to the Judge
Public Expo
Delegation of Indonesia
Delegation of indonesia and  Malaysia
Presentation about the science project !
Abang None South Jakarta
Abang None Remaja South Jakarta 
Abnon at Soedirman Fair 
Soedriman Culture Festival
Take a pict with 'mini abnon'
Youth Scientific Group
 KIRSTAL Boyband
Veteran & Board Member 
38 Senior School Jakarta
               at Art Room
In Sunday Ceremony Award
w/ Sos 3 
one of the Building 38 Senior School
w/ Dad

w/ Mama&Papa

w/ Mama&Papa
My Brooo

My Sist
w/ Dinda&Dhana

we are cool kids!

w/ 10,7 Class
w/ Youth Ambassador of Jakarta
w/ Youth Scientific Group
w/ Youth Ambassador of South Jkt
w/ English Course Class
                                 w/ Youth Ambassador of South Jkt

w/ Bestfriends
w/ Bestfriends