January 28, 2011


I know its kinda random think, but i just want to share in my diaryblog ^_^

*I don’t know exactly that what I feel right now,its kinda srewed up everything in my mind. I miss a bunch of things. I miss my family,  my bestfriends, my friends, my school, my organization, club and the most important thing that make me crazy is i miss Indonesian FOOD!! (January 27-28, I feel homesick! I wanna go home as soon as I can!

* I understand, this year cant happen anymore. Its once a time  in my life. I never know when I come back to United States again, when I have chance to meet my family here, to meet my LC, my Liasion and my exchange program friends. So I don’t want to waste my great opportunity here to just do dumb thing or do nothing and raging in many problem. But I really don’t know hows it going for me. Actually im on huge turmoils!!!

*Its exactly suppose to be 5 months left then go back home to Indonesia. I still have many things that what I want to do here, hopefully I can make it come true. Beside that, I just realize, when I come home next july. My class friends is already gone! They are will be in college. How I feel ? gloomy. Holy shit!! So ? yeah my class graduated is 2012, Its push back one year because my exchange year in United States it doesnt count well.

*Notes for the everyone who will be going abroad. Is not always talk about happiness journey, sometimes you will get in trouble, homesick, lack of confidence, feel alone, no one care with you, freaky independently and stuff. Honestly, I got a big learn with the situation that I had. ‘Never ever to expected all of things will be great and perfect all the time’. Is not as easy or simply thing do you expect thou, Problem will make us be mature and more criticism, be grateful with all of those things that you have right now, always look to the future and never look back!.

everything has its end. but not our eternal friendship. it'll last forever. no matter what!


Fadilla Jamila Irbar said...

i like ur writing..
thats true..i feel it too..
this is part of live,we have unlimited wants but we have to make a decisions.

we can do it..:)
smangadddd ..

Arya Ondrio ngepost said...

Thanks! yeah, wherever you go. you will be get trouble and face the problems that comes up. times to make your own decision thou!
keep spirit too dilla!!!