January 30, 2011

Exist on video right now ^_^

Hey everyone!! I just got new handycam from my lovely parents. So, start now i will try to use the video record instead make a some notes and posting in this blog. you can see my video on youtube with type 'arya ondrio' or just click tab 'vlogs', its kinda 'amateur video. I'll try to make a better video and probably do a lil bit editing. feel free to put some advice, notes and your request for me. Hopefully, I can share my experience here to all of you guys :D

exist in youtube :D
Anyway, weekend is over and i have a ton of stuff have to do and so do you, rite ? we have our own way to be success then lets hard work and keep spirit!!! Once again thanks to My parents for the handycam and all of thing that you gave to me :D. love you mom and dad ♥.
my lovely mom and dad

And also I miss my parents in Indonesia either right now, love you too guys  
my mom and dad

Hopes all is well there guys!
Regard, Arya Ondrio

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