January 25, 2011

Newsletter YES 2011 !

Hiii, long time no posted my stories here, I’ve been busy with college and stuff a couple weeks ago, hah? Yeah I’ve dream to go to college abroad but I was thinkin its kinda tough for me. Galau, yeah!!. Its exactly what im feel right now -,-. Too many plans in my head and make me overwhelming. Even, I’m feel frustrated and stressfull about this. Too complicated and too climax -___-. So I keep my dream in my heart then lets hopes god will answer it, ^_^. 

Anyway, I still have many things that I want to share with all of you guys. The tragedy on new year eve, and what happen with me in the past 2-3 weeks ago. But the second semester’s just begun. So, I lil bit busy with school and stuff, and I just registration to join many club and school activities. But I promise I’ll tell you soon.

Newsletter, yeah its part of the requirement that the YES student should make. I thou its kinda yearbook for the exchange student but I don’t know exactly. So, this I’ve attached my Newsletter :D Thanks to Official Group Newsletter 1 !! Ayes and team, You’re doing well job!! Thanks and Missy.

“ There’s something about this time of year that prompts a person to reflect on who he has become and how that image may differ from who he ideally would like to be. Maybe it’s the season of thankfulness followed by the season of giving. Maybe it’s the fresh blanket of snow that clings forgivingly to the earth, covering up our transgressions and offering us a fresh start. Maybe it really is something as mundane as the turn of the calendar’s page. If you’ve been less than successful with your past resolutions, maybe this year you should set your sites to a more obtainable goal. You might consider with this resolution.

I’m so thankfull to the God for all of things that he gave to me. This year 2010-2011 is the best year ever that I ever had!. Being an AFS Exchanges student throught to (YES) special program from US Dept of States is a great honour for me. Is not as easy as I assumed before. Beside Im doing my daily activities, I also have to do some presentation, promotion, and Community service. Because we have one purpose, CREATE THE PEACE !

I’m hosted in Darien, Connecticut (CT). I living with Hill Family, Mom Janelle, Dad Bruce, Katie, Ellen,  Luke, and my lovely pets lucy and freddy!. For me, they are more than just a host family, They truly give from the heart, and they truly deserve all the accolades. I love so much Hill family!

I’m one of 24 kids that got placement in New York City area. We call our chapter is ‘NYC EZ-Pass Chapter’. We had a ton of fun during this exchange year, and the friendship are really fabulous. I love my local coordinator Naomi, my best liasion Marian, my lovely AFS’ers from Germany, Dominican Republic, France, Turkey, India, Netherland, Thailand, Hongkong, Japan, Argentina, Italy, Austria, Swiss, Denmark, Norway and all my family in NYC chapter! I won't forget and I will miss these moments. we came as a stranger but we left as a best friend!

Visit Washington DC, Summer Vacation to Rhode Island and New Port old museum, Homecoming week, Ramadhan and Eid al fitr in Indonesian Community, Fall season, Attended the Obama Campaign, Halloween party, Thanksgiving party, Presentation during IEW Week, Christmass, New Year eve, AFS and YES Event, Sledding, Ice skatt, make a Snowman, shovell, Join Model United Nation, Do Community service, Hang out to Times Square, Central park, liberty statue, lower manhattan, saw Music Concert, Broadway show, and i still have a ton of plans that i want to see like : NBA games, Softball games, Smackdown WWW show, Sightseeing to boston, Philly, Vermont, Join American sport and right now Im waiting the result of science Int'l competition and MUN Int'l Conferences. I feel like I'm on the screen of HSM, unbelievable!. I Fall in love with New York City.

This year, I live in different continent, Asia-America (Indonesia-United States). Too much different between us but I felt its Amazing Experience in my life. Thanks to YES Scholarship Program, US Dept of State, AFS Exchanges Student Program, Bina Antar Budaya Office in Indonesia, ‘kaka-kaka (Commitee) of Jakarta Chapter Selection, National Selection, Visa Camp, Orientation, LOC, Farewell party INAYPScNH ’10-11 for this great journey!! Special thanks to YES’ers from 11 Country. Especially Indonesian YES’ers with Huge Group (103 kids)!

Success and goodluck guys! YES’ers 2011!! Watch out, World!
Love, Arya Ondrio "

See ya in the next post !! feel free to contact me via FB, Email and Skype :D

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