December 13, 2010

Winter !!!

Autumn !!
Well, I’ve been in America for 4 month now. I dont know if that is too fast or not, but I realize the time flies so fast!. Honestly, because I’m really enjoy my stay here. All the new things are good. I’m getting used to it. Food, weather, new family, new friends, new bustle. Everything is great.

Autumn in October. Summer has gone and the wind became more wild and strong. The trees changed the color of their leaves. Some of them are yellow, orange and red, and then falling down to the ground. It’s kind of beautiful.

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons. Although the cold wind began to be felt in this season, the leaves changed their color and begun falling, which made the scenery more beautiful and gave a romantic impression. It seems unimaginable, that I can enjoy this beautiful season.when I walk on the sidewalk the eaves on the trees are so colourfull. The leaves blowing in the wind and falling on the road, decorate the scene although they are sometimes difficult to clean.

Autumn is best enjoyed when the rain does not fall, Then I can sit, read a book and go online in my backyard. The yard is decorated with colorful trees, sometimes one or two pieces of leaf fall on the book or even in my head. Autumn is also a marker that we must begin to prepare supplies for the winter. The wind is so cold and I always freeze outside. Normally, I hate the cold. But i can not wait to see the snow.

Fall to Winter
December has just begun, but in reality the snow / frost has begun to emerge. Winter came early this year. Weather here began to change. The temperature is usually around 60-50 degrees Fahrenheit (15 – 10 degrees Celcius), but now the temperature dropped dramatically lately and has even reached minus 9 degrees Celcius. For the first time I felt the temperature of 17 degrees Fahrenheit, it takes extra preparation to pass through.

In theory, America has 4 seasons.
Fall: September 23-December 21
Winter: December 21 to March 21
Spring: March 21-June 21
Summer: June 21 to September 23

But in reality, it does not always work out like that. When I landed in Washington DC, they said it was still summer but in fact it was not hot at all. Currently, it should still be fall, but the winter scent was smelled. I have just seen snow fall once. Somehow I do not feel prepaird for snow, but it may be useful because I will be surrounded by snow every day. Honestly, I feel a bit scared of the snow, for some reason, Although beautiful, it is a bit creepy to me. Hopefully later this feeling of fear of snow can change over time.

Winter !
Besides that, I do not really know because I have not seen yet the winter. By the way, if we had thought that foreigners are familiar with the cold weather that is not entirely true. American also still feel the cold as well as Asians. Even now I'm often met with a stranger who is cold when they waiting for the subway/train in the station, rubbing his hands to make a them little bit warmer, and even jumping and shivering with cold. But maybe for those not familiar with cold weather like I am, the intensity of the cold will be felt more severely.

So, goodbye my sweet November. Welcome to December's closing years. Hopefully I can get through the cold December with a full smile .

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