December 13, 2010

Daylight Saving Time

There's something new. Maybe you've never heard of this, but I just know it. The new thing is Daylight Saving Time (DST), what is DST ? DST is a system that makes the timing of the countries in continental Europe and America advance time 1 hour ahead beginning in Fall (autumn) and back 1 hour backward in the Spring. The purposes is to adjust human activities with the available sunlight in the Fall season. In United States, for example in Connecticut, the sun is the extreme change in different seasons. For example in autumn, the sun was visible starting at 7-8 am. Well, human activities began at 8 am expected to be accompanied by the emergence of the sun. Because if you really begin at 7 am (without DST), then the sky is still dark. But with the DST, people actually start the activity at 8 am when the sky is bright, but "considered" at the time was at 9 am. In spring, the sun goes down over night so the time moves forward, so that activities can be a normal.

At first I felt weird, just funny to see time moved back to promote appropriate collective agreement. Which means, I have to manually rewind the clock in my room 1 hour backwards. If it chnaged automatically, I would know this is because it is common practice. All of a sudden time on my watch change without reset. Miraculously, haha.

Actually what happened in the Spring is precisely not to rewind time 1 hour back, but to adjust it with the actual time. Since it began the practice of DST in the fall right now, which is normal when suddenly brought forward 1 hour to the next. So in the spring, in fact what happens the time is returned to its original state. But since I arrived here before the fall, and once I felt at that moment is at a normal, of course I felt weird all of a sudden having to turn back the time to one hour behind.

In short, now the Indonesia-United States time difference which originally was only 11 hours, is now changed to 12 hours. I must be remember to set the time to contact home in Indonesia.

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