December 03, 2010

Incredible Moments of the Month!

Presenting at Middlesex School, Darien

It was great, you know what? I didn't feel tired. I didn't feel hungry, though I didn't have any proper breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Why ? Because I’m so excited to do Presentation during International Education Week 2010 .

Yeah, the end of November, I already had 22 presentation, in front of about 750 peoples. It’s not just a number but its has a big value, all of us get benefit from this event. Especially for me, I got a lot experience, it’s a big practice for me how to become such a good presenter, learn about public speaking, try to be confidence with my English, also making friends. Presenting in front of Big group is a big deal for me, and it’s more challenging because I want to present about my beloved country Indonesia, Islam and AFS-YES Program. Talk carefully, practice day by day, prepare all of things and its made more perfect and better !

Cultural Expo in Dance For Peace at New York
When I’m presenting, I using interactive Powerpoint, a video about Indonesia, slide pictures of my life in Indonesia, and I tell them how beautiful Indonesia is, especially Bali. I explained the story of my life, the real fact in Indonesia, and we had a great discussion about that. Also I brought kind of traditional tools from Indonesia like Indonesian Batiks map, Indonesian flag, album photos, wayang, and a mini temple as a 7 wonder in the world. And I got a ton of Tourist Guide Books and video from Indonesian Consullar in New York City.

Presenting in front of kids in 6th grade
During my presentation, I answered any of their questions about Indonesia. Also they asked me a lot about Islam in there, such as, ‘How’s the school? What do Indonesians think about the disaster such as volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis? What are the real relations between President Obama and Indonesia?” There were many others. Also I brought them some souvenirs from Indonesia such a mini fan, mini wallet, bookmarks, mini masks, Indonesian money (Rupiahs), Pencils, Pens and key chains.

Souvenir from Indonesia, they like so much
Its such a great opportunity for me to promote my country, to introduce how beautiful Indonesia is as the world's largest archipelago country with 17.504 Island with the beautiful beaches, tropical climate, and archipelagic geography, also support the world's second highest level of biodiversity. the 3rd largest Democratic country, and the largest Muslim country with 504 ethnic group! Hopes from this small thing, the purpose of this program to create the piece and to bridges the understanding be happen now.

Presenting with YES Student from Turkey
in EthicalCulture New Jersey State
From my high school, I started my presentation. I presented to a few Classes and Club Activities in my high school, Youth Group in Church, Sunday School, Ethical Culture, Middle School and the other high school. I started from Darien, Connecticut, and continued to New Jersey State, and New York City. I presented with the other YES Students, and even just by myself. I had a sleepover in my Local Coordinators apartments, got lost somewhere, got surprised by AFS Club in one of high schools in New York. When I was presenting in front of a little kids, teenagers, Senior/adult, they asked some hard and weird questions, and many else that I can’t tell one by one, but for sure it was amazing. November was a blast, I will be missing these moments!

The end of my presentations, I always ask them, “Who wants to go to Indonesia?” Most of them raise their hands and they are really so excited! So, come and visit Indonesia and feel the incredible experience !

AFS- YES New York City Metropolitan Area Chapter
Exchanges Students and Volunteers
Thanks to US Dept of State, AFS-YES Program, EZ-Pass New York City Metropolitan Area Chapter, Indonesian Consullate NYC, and Special thanks to my host family and AFS Volunteers, 'They truly give from the heart, and they truly deserve all the accolades’.

Hope your days as happy as mine :)
Love, Aryanda Ondrio (YES Student from Jakarta, Indonesia to Darien, CT, United States)

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