September 15, 2010

the beggining of my journey

heyy ... this is the first time i wrote notes about my journey n stay in america for a whole year !!!

first of all, we are the lucky kid, why ? because we have a great year to abroad and stay with native family, observe the culture and study, and this is the finally result after follow and struggle to pass the selection since 1,5 year ago !! jeng jeng ... 125 KID from 8000 participants on selection, and i am one of 22 kid jakartans ! yeaaah ...

lets first, the exchanges students from indonesia must be follow the national orientation, languages orientation camp, visited US Embassy and the ceremonial party we call it 'farewell party", during 10 days ( july 28 - august 6 ) in jakarta with 125 exchanges student from aceh, medan, padang, palembang, jakarta, bogor, karawang, bandung, malang, semarang, surabaya, yogyakarta, samarinda, makasar, banjarmasin and all of us will be stay in 9 countrys : swiss, germany, belgia, netherland, italia, franc, norwegia, japan and amerika !!!

august 7, yeah !! its the last day in indonesia, meet my family, AFS Officers and volunteers in airport !! i already miss you guys )))...stop cried please. 7 pm on 7 august by luftansa 779 we already to start the BIG JOURNEY !!! 2 hours in a plane , we transit at changi airport singapore, next stop is frankfurt airport in germany about 16 hour in a plane but its so cool, i love this moment and unforgetable men -,- why ? my privacy, sorry ... next 12 hour waiting and take a rest in frankfurt , all of us very excited now ! by united airlines, just 6 hours again we can see AMERICA .. yuhuy .... landed at dulles int'l airport Washington DC !! oh my .... its real america ..... and it so amazing "WELCOME TO AMERICA AFS'ers" !!! (alhamdulillah)

from the airport in washington DC, indonesian kid must be follow the orientation again in Marryland State ( august 8 - august 11 ). but its different, we meet exchanges students from the other countrys ! thailand, philiphines, egypt, saudi arabia, mozambique, south africa, ghana, india, kenya, turkey and Indonesia ... it so cool, first day is tour around Washington DC , we visited lincoln memorial park, central station, and INA Embassy. the second day its full of session and at night its ramadhan party )hahahahha, i just laugh if remeber that !!! and its time to "big hug" for us, because tomorrow morning me and all of us will go to the the different state for stay with hostfamily.
unyu unyu -____________- see you next year guys ...

august 11 by United airlines, me and fara stay in new jersey (ina), kubra brooklyn (turkey), hardik queens (india) , finnaly arrived in NYC (new york city) at JF Kenndey in'tl airport. both of us will be homestay in new york or near new york, haha . once against we must be follow the chapter orientation in pawling high school in NY. in my state "A-Z Pass Chapter" we have 18 kids ! from denmark, germany, france, turkey, tahiland, argentina, italy, japan, norway and indonesia .... the activity just like to introduce hows the US habit and etc.

august 13, i meet my host family .... arghhhhhhh, nerveus ! guess what ?? my hostfamily (HF) so very kindness. my mom , dad, and my brother (luke) pick me up in pawling high school .. first impression they are so very tall ... haha
its about 1 hour, now, i'm in Darien, Connecticut (CT).. unbelieveble , really .... i will stay in here for 1 year ... and its great !
my moms is mrs janella hill, she's very honest, kind, and care, she's work as a consultant computer and technology, and my father is mr bruce hill, he's cool guy, best cheff, and so much care to me, he' works as a lawyer,
i have 3 siblings, first is katie hill, she's very nice and friendly, shes now go to college in USC (california), second is ellen hill, shes's very care and smart, she's go to spain for college too and the last is luke hill, he's very tall 0,0 .... im with luke in senior grade in darien high school, nice . and the best family members is Lucy, she's nice, smart and helpful dog ! and now, WELCOME in DARIEN AND WELCOME in HILL Family !!!

now, i have been in america one month now, its amazing for me ... lets see my story  in next poting guys

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