July 22, 2010

Hostfamm :P

Hai guys .....

its 5 days left to go to handayani jakarta for orientation camp , hemm, i am an AFS/YES 2010-2011 exchange students, my chapter is jakarta, i am abroad to USA with 14 my friend from jakarta and 103 teenegers from indonesia.

i have good news !!!! n guess what ? i get hostfam on july 22th , i am hosting in bruce's family in CT (Connecticut) state , its small state and near from PA, NY, MA , boston n rhode island too ... n not so far from Washington DC , i am very very excited .... i get the best places, the family members its so nice n friendly. first i get the letter of hostfamily form AFS Office, n then i am email my hostdad mr bruce , and we talk anything, he's very friendly and i add Facebook him... also my host bro "luke hill" , my host sist "katie and ellen hill".... and i can talk to others family members, luke the first ... its sounds fun , haha

ladies n gentlement (lol) once again , i am so happy happy , very excited , idk its like a dream guys . now, just 5 days to go to national orientation n go to USA, my schedule is : july 27th till august 06 is orientation in jakarta, august 7th flight to USA via Frankfurt (Germany), and next orientation in Washington DC till august 11th , and then i'll meet my hostfamm, huwaaaaa

n what i must to do now ???
PREPAREEE N PACKING ...... yeahhh, keep spirit !!
wish me luck guys ..
once again i am very crazy for thiss, and i wanna say to mr brush family thnks for hosting me ^_^
see you in next posting guys

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