March 02, 2012

Little pieces of ROCLEID - LASTRAVAZ

Yeah, Right now i'm officially in class 0f 2012, named 'LASTRAVAZ' ,  Rocleid is our class name, Majoring in social sciences :)  (nothing to get excited, sorry) haha

The YEARBOOK photo shoot. hey guys we almost at  the end of the school year.  woohooo ! 

Lets see some of my high school screen picts, looks so older than others --"

Despite my believe that says i'm better than what my scores tell me - i got nothing to proves that i'm actually 'smart' - how i'm insecure in my self ? 

My last debut, show up my science project at Indosiar channel  (National TV)

hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (getting freak,lol)


THE AFRICANS GROUP during the YEARBOOK Photo shoot :)

Another  weird picts posted (sorry -_- haha)

I'm Gonna MISS YOU ROCLEID'ERS !!!! Success is US !!! 
and of course i miss all of you guys ! lets hit me up at Twiiter @aryaondrio 
Assalamualaikum !

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