September 09, 2011

News from Meeeee(h)

Sup Bloggerz ? Been a while I haven’t post anything, most because the internet connection in here are so bad. Well, I don’t really hv enough time also since school and stuff took a whole time in my life right now.

Anyway, I’m feel so blessed, 2 months since I got here I make many great well progress. I did spread out my cv to ton of companies, radios, production house, management and so on. Then ? Alhamdulillah, I heard back from them so fast, they offered some good position. First, *** radio offered me to be a ‘tandem announcer’ (I’m so happy for that, that’s what I need and wait for a long long time.. but the management contract hasn’t fair for me, so yeah I didn’t take it). The second one is you know what ? I played for some FTV (Film Television) hahahhahahaha, it is so funny for me at least, but that’s a great experience thou, watch out dude  :I  Then a lil bit more seriously, I passed the interview to be Book guide at some international bookstore, well I’ll do the Internship first for one month then they’ll recruit me to be permanent staff (amiin, hopefully ya). In the other side, I’m still waiting for some great position, check check and re check my email, phone every single time (that’s what I’m doing right now, lmao).  I do have an appointment to do Announcer audition, Presenter audition and many else. aaaaaah, its looks like American thingy change my life, never thought before to get part time job while I’m still in high school…….

Beside that, Organizations are the main thing in  my life. I’m joined back to ARCJS (Alumni Remaja CERIA Jakarta Selatan) or we called it’s a young ambassador of south Jakarta. Feel so honours, they choosed me to be ‘Ketuplak” (Ketua Pelaksana) or Chief of event for Meet and Great Alumni, Wish me luck guys! As a state Alumni (US Dept of State) I’ve been involved at US Embassy Jakarta and atAmerica cultural house. Involved in AFS-YES Bina Antarbudaya also will be my next priority, yeah together we can change world AFS’ersI also my routine is I got ton of invitation to be MC-Presenter and speaker. Yeah, I do love my job. Talk to people, share my thoughts, hear what they think and learn together. One main things, please pray for me…. I apply for some competition this September-October, (September wish) wish me up folks!

Yeah, looks like I like spent my time out of school. Yeah it is. But I do remember I’m still a student at high school  -_- oohrggggzzz, never mind. Nothing interested to talk about school, never -_- . Okay, a lil bit update for me, hope you all guys have a good time up there. Anyway, I did post this things not to show off or cocky, but just share, I hope it could be your inspiration. Aaminn. I do love to share the others, please contact me if you need it at @aryaondrio (twitter) arya ondrio (facebook).  Love, Arya J

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