April 08, 2011

The City That Never Sleeps, New York City !!

Saturday, March 19

Marian and I picked up nadya, cenna and untari in John F kennedy Airport. Kebetulan, Marian’s sister namanya jane bersedia rumah nya kita tumpangin. Alhamdulillah, jadilah kita semua stay di Brooklyn. We drop our suitcase there and a lil bit had conversation with Jane families. Then, we catched up by subway to Statue of Liberty and visited the Ellis Island, we didn’t go to the crown but well we had a chance to touch the liberty as well. Well, You have to pay for the tickets to go to Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Unless if you dont want pay for it, you can use the ferry, the ferry are kinda like shuttle and just back and forth from and to Manhattan - Staten Island (Part of New York City) but still you can see the Liberty. Setelah sesi jeprat-jepret yg lumayan lama dan muter-muter patung yg jadi symbol Negara adi kuasa ini, akhirnya kita lapar juga and had lunch di Liberty Resto. Then, we took a subway to Empire State Building. In there, you can see a great view dri ketinggian 1050 feet or on the 86th floor. Its pretty amazing but yeah it was to cold, haha. Then, We went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, atau terkenal dengan nama ‘The Met’. You can see many section parts of the world history and art here. But the most major here are classical antiquity and Ancient Egypt. Setelah dari The Met sekitar jam 9 pm, waktunya kita buat makan malam. We took a bus to go to Midtown. And we stopped at St. Patricks church and its exactly in front of The Rockefeller Center. They still have Ice skate rink there, but for us it was to cold to do ice skate. Hm, kalau kamu pernah nonton home alone part ‘lost in New York’, pasti tau dong Rockefeller dan ice pond rink nya? I’ve been there like last Christmas, and its amazing stand up ijn underneath big-huge Christmas tree! Well, we went up to top of the rock, ga kalah keren dari Empire State building loh dari ketingian (I’m forget exactly, tpi sekitar 76th floor or something) dengan deck observatory yg terbuka kita bisa ngerasain dingin nya udara malam new york dari gedung tertinggi di mid town New York ini. oh ya, Karna kita kesana nya malam, It so fabulous. The light, traffic, cab are just good match for New York! Usahakan kalau kamu ke Top of the rock, pick yg night hours. Pemandangan dan gemerlap nya new york siap menyambut kamu! Last, we went to times square for late dinner afterwards. We spent like 3-4 hours just for sharing (curhat, galau, ngeluh, mengenang-ngenang dan sebangsanya) in times square, till time showed us its already 3 o’clock in the morning. Lets, Catched the subway, we got home like 4 o’clock in the morning. It was a really great first day of trip! Blah.

Sunday, March 20

Kita mengawali pagi di hari minggu dengan keterlambatan, this is the effect that we don’t had enough time to sleep well. Jadilah, plan yang seharusnya di mulai jam 8 pagi ngaret ret ret. This is important thing for you guys who want to backpack or travel, set your alarm then wake up and don’t stay up late !. Brooklyn bridge, yeah these bridge is our first destination. We walked from Brooklyn side toward to Manhattan side, along the bridge we could see many tourist. Yeah, this bridge is the famous bridge in United States. If you aware in Bruno Mars songs  ’somewhere in brooklyn’, and the one of clip scene is took a place in Brooklyn bridge. Lower Manhattan is the next stopped. We a lil bit sightsee in Wall street and Ground Zero (WTC Tower or 9/11). We had lunch in lower Manhattan, because the tight of time, we decide to have a simply lunch. Jadilah street vendor jadi sasaran kita. Well, rata2 harga makanan street vendor di New York bisa setara dengan harga di restaurant elite di Lousiana atau Alabama loh rumornya. Quick lunch, then we took subway to midtown NY, Cruise line star is ready for us. We had a tour around NYC (Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island). 3 hours in a cruise, we felt so chilly. But for us it was  a fabulous tour with a great cruise and nice tour guide, met people from around the world and absolutely see the all part of NYC. So then, here we goooo, we are so excited. This is  time to dinner with special and spectacular menu (read: Indonesian Food) haha. We went to Indonesian restaurant that I usually ended up every single time when I’m in NYC !. We went to shopping district afterwards. I took them to 7,8,9 avenue in 47th street. Yeah, if you wanna buy some souvenir in New York, the tips is don’t buy it in fancy places because its cost so much money. After shopping we ended up again in Times Square. Took a picture, shopping, and ‘silly thingy’ haha.  I can’t explain what the silly thingy that we did :p. well guys, over all that is the main things that we’ve visited during our vacation in NYC. One important tips that you have to do during your visit in New York, lets make your time efficient, you just  need to buy NYC PASS. Because if you have this pass you don’t have to make a line up (in fact many tourist spent their time a lot just to make a line up). NYC PASS ? What is that ? its kinda like a tickets to enter the main attraction in New York, It’s depends what kind of pass that you buy. Mine is a package with 6 destination. I got 46% more cheap and its so easy you can buy it online.  Now, time to go home,  lets ready to see BOSTOOOOOOOOOOOOOON !

Statue of Liberty

NYC Skyline at noon from Empire state building 
Posed at 'The MET'
The NYC Skyline at night from Top of the rock (Rockefeller center)
Brooklyn Bridge !
at Cruise line star tour ! 
Times Square !


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