April 18, 2011

Holaaaa, I knew, its such a long time I haven't post anything yet to share with you guys. Well its mostly because I've to do so much stuff. That I mention to you in my previous post, April through May will be the crazy months ever !!!!

I remember that i said to you, I've cancelled my trip to Midwest but I changed my mind, then what ? I will do trip to Midwest, YAY!. I'm going to Minneapolis first, Chicago, then Indianapolis. My flight is tomorrow morning, can’t wait!. FYI, for this trip I haven’t my details itinerary yet. Which means I will do this trip with 'blindness' (lol). I want to feel like a ‘real’ backpacker, no reservation (well, I've my reservation for flight, bus, and hostel) but still I don’t have any details stuff what I'm gonna do there. Sounds interesting or not really ? haha. Wish me luck and hope will get a lot of fun there! Have fun for your break too guys if you have it, if you don’t have it, I'll pray hope you have a good time ya, especially for my fellow that still struggling with national examination for their senior high school graduation in Indonesia! I know you will do your best and get the best result! my pray for all of you fellas!. Also for my sister and brother who want to fight for National Exam next week, my fully support and pray for you dear.

Anyway, I've been forget to tell you about my Eastcoast backpacking trip stories. I'm really-really sorry. I will refer it to my friend blog if you wanna hear more details, Nadya's Blog. But I will try to write up the stories sometimes. (If you have concern or question about Backpacking trip and stuff, please contact me. well, I'm not expert on it but I will help as much as i can).

I will back to you probably in mid of May. Kinda busy with all of those things that I’ve planned since a long time ago. I will start this crazy months with relaxing (lol) I'm going to Midwest just for backpacking and a bit of sightsee, then come home have a regular school days. Well we have homecoming week right after spring break, usually we have to dress up with ‘unique and weird dress code’. In the same week, I’ve trip to New York City with my humanities class, Afterwards I’ve to prepare for my Science competition in Texas in the first week of May (beside that I’m feel so bad that I can’t join with my best friends to spend the weekends in Martha’s vineyard island in Massachusetts for celebrate Sara’s birthday, sorry Sara but I love you and enjoy guys!). Next, 2 days after my science competition, I’ve United Nations Int'l Conferences for 3 days in UN Headquarters in New York (I still have to do position paper, speech and other stuff -,-). Then, I still have a class trip to New York City to do some observation and research there, and on the next day I’ve trip to Philadelphia with my YES NYC Cluster for 4 days. Huff, Isn’t neat huh ? well, I’m glad and grateful that I still have something to do and have a chance to skip school days (haha). Wish me luck guys! And Hope your day as happy as mine!

In this tight time, I also try to apply for some regional summit. This summit will talk about the ‘Entrepreneur, Volunteer and other social activities’. I hope I will pass the selection and will represent Indonesia in this summit and my mission is to send the message to the world that we have to realize that the important things right now is to take care the ‘needy kids and poor people’ and help them to get a better life in the future. So, keep open our minds and please help your community and society.  Be aware and sensitive with our environment and save our next generation! We can start to do the small things to get the big impact!!!

Oh ya, I’ve a little website that I made up for keep it track of my life (haha,) this is the link Arya Ondrio's Web
I’m waiting for your suggest and advice and if you have any question feel free to contact me ya! See you soon and have a good time. Passer un bon moment et profiter de votre vie!


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