December 14, 2010

One Year Battlefield
By Aryanda Ondrio

Your defenses need to be confirmed,
Strengths need to be improved,
All efforts should be doubled.
Individuals need sharpened weapons,
Exercise needs to be multiplied.

Your war generals will lead you towards victory.
Follow their war strategies and techniques.

From the first day and step foot into the school,
You can not dodge the war,
You may not resign,
You may only face forward.

The struggle has not finished,
Opponents remain opposed.
Fight wholeheartedly, with all the soul.
Only time, effort and energy must be sacrificed.
You should never give up,
See the white bones, See whites of the eyes.

Bring your enthusiasm and confidence,
Let stronghold ideals be traced.
Let them be as strong as a stronghold captured.

Let me wear the best defense, attack and strength are.
The Ones should not be forgotten,
Pray to the Great Lord.
Believe me you will be blessed, protected.

at Bryant Park, New York City
at Times Square with my friends


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