June 26, 2011


It’s been a while that I didn’t post anything, too busy with my life in here, which means good. haha. Anyway, I’ll go back to Indonesia this week! firstly, I’ll visit Washington DC for 3 days then will take flight back home from Washington DC- Frankfurt- Jakarta. Tomorrow I’m gonna leave Darien at 3 PM, then will go to DC to meet up my pals up there. Packing just try to killing me lately, could you believe that I wanna leave tomorrow but I still need to pack some stuff and my luggage always shows up that they are overweight, but dinar my best bro gimme a good news, haha. So literally I can bring 3 huge checked luggage and 2 carry on, YAY! Cucpcup wawwaw mas dinar J and yeah even I just wanna buy new luggage tomorrow. No rush-lol

Do I miss Darien and NewYorkCity? OF COURSE I MISS BOTH OF THE WONDERFUL PLACES in States! I will miss my Family, dad, mum, Katie, Luke, Ellen, Marian, Grammy Carol, EVERYONE and also my lovely lucy. But I believe someday I’ll back to States, Inshaallah. Do not need to worry, because if god willing we can meet up someday, amen. I wanna tell you a ton of stories, how’s life in this terrific family, but don’t hv much time to explain, too many stories that I had, but I just can say that ‘your life would be amahzeng and gorgeous with this family’, love ya Bruce Hill Family! Thank you for everything.

Anyway, I’ve to pack my stuff very very soon and tonight we will have special dinner to celebrate Ellen’s birthday and also this is my last dinner too T_T. Tonight is my last night in Darien, don’t know what to say, this feeling so weird. Don’t know how to explain it because I don’t know the exact word to describe what I’m feeling right now. I’m going to miss darien like a crazy!

This is a short and last post in Ermuricaaah, I’ll be back to you as soon as I can. Since I know I’ll be back to my routine with the crazy senior year,  so I’m not make any promises to keep post-stories frequently. I’ll do my best tho! Feel free to contact me at aryandaondrio@rocketmail.com and follow me on twitter and facebook it’s the best way to reach me.

Goodbye Darien, Goodbye New York City, Goodbye America. Hello Depok, Hello Jakarta, Hello Indonesia. Goodbye Hill's Family, Hello Ondrio's Family !

Darien, June 26 2011
Live from my lovely room J

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