May 11, 2011

ISWEEEP 2011 (Vol 1)

It’s been a wonderful journey, had a great experience to meet the fabulous young scientist from all over the world and realize that’s world is not a small places as I was thought before. ISWEEEP gimme such an unforgettable experience. It wasn’t just a competition and search who’s the best, who’s gonna get prizes or medals but more than that ISWEEEP gimme such a big lesson that how important to understand the world and world will understand you!

Taken a part of the annual international science Olympiad is such a  big honoured for me. It’s a big deal that I was appointed to represent the United States through CT and was compete with another young scientist from 70 countries. Once again many thanks to CT state, US government and ISWEEEP!!

What I was expected before? to grab some bronze, silver, gold or even money??? NOT at all and was my science project gave a big hit or a big flop? Was the judging a delightful experience or was it a big nightmare for me? Do I really care? Hm, not really. Honestly, what I was expected before are to looking for new experience, meet young scientist from all of continent, making friends and get a long with them. This is such a cool things ever from this event. What a great quality time to hang out and meet the kids from Iraq, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Bosnia, Hongkong, Georgia, South Africa, USA, India, JORDAN and many more, it was the best moment ever. I felt like I was attended the United Nations conference. Well, actually this week I also will take a part at GCIMUN (Global Classroom International Model United Nations) Conference and will take a place at UN Headquarter New York, wish me up!

Anyway, from this event I was thinking is a long way to go. Many things that we have to do TOGETHER.  Right now, I’ve something that comes up in my mind and am I wrong if I wanna majoring political/int’l relation for college? (crap). In the other side, I wanted to visit my friends in everywhere, have some discuss and make some science project together and give a contribution to the world. Try to create a better environment for a better future. Is not just about you and me but all of us. Interesting to have some exchange ideas and got any to share? please feel free to reach me by email at and

We are all brothers and sisters, let’s take care our world for the better future! Thanks to ISWEEEP for make it happens! Love and miss you all, hope to see you 600 young scientist very SOOON!!!

Ps : a little notes that I wrote up while on the way back home from Texas. (at American Airlines, May 8th) and I do really miss these great moments!!

Love, AO--

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