April 05, 2011

Crazy week

I just came home last Thursday (4 days ago). But I’ve chance to write up my stories just right now. Last weekend it was fabulous for me, I came home on March 31/ Thursday night, and I went to school on Friday (a lil bit tired but it is a good think to have one day school then weekends). Then, my birthday is on last saturday! Had a good time skype-ing with my family and friends in Indonesia. I got birthday presents from my family, we had a special dinner  in New Canaan and we went to play bowling afterwards, got the first places in the 2nd game, lucky! The next day (sunday) we went up to Greenwich, hiking a lil bit. It was nice, the sunny comes up, the weather are very great even its still windy. How I miss the perfect sunny day in Jakarta. Anyway, Thanks for your warm greetings and best wishes for me guys, welcome to my 18 world and love you!
Oh ya, Senin kemarin, waktunya gua buat ngejar2 semua guru even today (selasa), I‘ve to do make up works. It’s a ton of works that I’ve to do as soon as I can. I couldn’t believe how many assignments that I should do and has to be done on this week, (baca : crazy). Do I have to tell you what and how many assignments that I have? Would you help me out? I don’t think so, No single one like to do assignments. Haha. Oh ya, I didn’t go to ‘Nusantara Cultural night’ in Wesleyan University last week, I heard from someone that was so amazing night, and its more worth it because they provide the ‘Indonesian Traditional food’. Nasib, gua malah berjibaku dengan laundry-an dan tugas-tugas sekolah.
fyi, I’m a bit stressful about the upcoming trip, I have plan to go to midwest, (read : Minnesota, Chicago and Indiana) for my spring break, april 14-23. I already bought the airfares tickets and well schedule but somehow somethings screwed up me. I’ve to make the decision, then I cancelled my trip (-,-). Got lost the money and I’m feel so bad to my friends about this. For some reason, I have to choose and make a priority. Sedikit menyesal, I can’t see the midwest of United States. Ga sampai disitu, I just about make the new plan, want to go to boston (again). Hm, might be I will do visit college. As I said before, I leave my heart in boston and I will pick up someday! Lumayan buat mengisi waktu spring break.
Overall, this week is so crazy, I will host the AFS stay over night party this weekend and hang out in NYC, will meet Mary in New York (I’m so excited!), have to do the I-SWEEEP stuff (Research paper, the supervisor things, and  travel stuff), Make up assignments (do I have to? >.<), upload some pictures and video that we took, go get find part time job, make a arrangments planing about the boston trip, try to figure out and help my friends who want to come to NY. Argh, tapi bagusnya gua masih nyempetin waktu buat share what happening this week and how this all stuff drive me so crazy! well, I’m in school right now, The bell is gonna be ring soon, (niat awal mau cerita ttg backpack malah curhat) I will tell you my backpacking stories soooooooon!

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