March 18, 2011

The Most Excited Week in March !!!

Dear Blogger...

Huff, This week is the most excited week that i ever got since last january !!!
guess what ? hmmmm, I can't hide this one from you. I'm very honoured because I was selected to be a U.S Representative in I-SWEEEP (International Sustainable World Energy Engineering Enviroment Project) Olympiads 2011 !!! isweep 2011 website

I wanted to say thank you so much to Bunda Kori, Ka Andi, Ka Dhonny, Ka Azzam, Elsa, KIRSTAL 38, SMAN 38, Darien High School and  Science Department of DHS. Of course, a bunch of thanks to my (host) mom and dad for your help and kindness and my families in here and in Indonesia!! This could not have been possible without your support, help, and prayers. I'm nothing without all of you.

In 2010, Vinska and I was selected in INESPO Amsterdam, It was the first time that we had passed for International Science Olympiad. At the same time, however, I have to follow the AFS-YES U.S Visas orientation. Finally, I decided to followed the AFS-YES Orientation and didn't go to Amsterdam. Honestly, I was very sad and dissapointed. But now, I think I've made the right decision. My dreams are coming true, I passed the Selection and will represent the United States in this International Olympiads.

My project is about Enviroment, the title is 'Electronic Plant Prototype to Absorb and Remove the Carbon Compounds using Zeolites As Stomata for Reduction of the effects of Global Warming' isweeep participants are coming from more than 70 Countries!!!

This event will be held in Houston Texas, May 4-9 2011. Last year, the participants came from 70 countries. I'm so nervous, excited, overwhelmed, happy, sad, all of thinks are mixed in my mind right now, but absolutely its great opportunity for me and hopefuly i will do my best!. Wish me luck and pray for me please )'

THEN -----)

Finally, My trip to explore the Northeastern of America will come true. Tommorow,  yeah Tommorow I will start the trip. First, Marian and I will pick up Nadya, Cenna and Untari at JFK New York Airport. Then we will do sightsee in New York, Boston (Massachusets), Philladelphia (Pennsylvania), and Washington DC. After that, Nadya and Cenna will come back to their host state but Unta and I will extends the trip to Williamsburg, (Virginia). Then I, just by my self will visit Pittsburgh (Pennsylavania) and transit in Richmod (Virginia), Aries and Hesty are ready to be my tour guide there! Its such a nice long long trip, Its about 2 weeks long (March 19-31) :P YAY !!

Ahhh, I'm so excited.... well, I still have classes today, I've clay sculpture class to finish up my shoes, Journalism class, Financial and Banking class then damn it I've test in Hummanities class. argh.  Im ready thou, although I'm not prepared anything for it, i just want this friday will be end soon !!

Okay, the bell its gonna be ring soon...
Hope your day as happy as mine everyone!!!
I will tell you sooon ya
Love AO---


radiv punya blog said...

omg.congratulations! so envy when i read this post.!!!
great great one!

Arya Ondrio ngepost said...

Thanks radiv, your best too man!