February 24, 2011


Waw, it has been 7 months since i first came to Darien, CT. Let me introduce and show off to you hows Darien look like :D

Season in Darien

HOW ABOUT SPRING ??? I dunno yet, we'll see soon :D

Public Places
Stop n Shop Market
Cinema or Ply house
Spa and nail care in downtown
Town Hall
Tennis indoor court.
Darien Library , my favorite places... the library are so fantastic and fabulous!
Baseball field, well cant wait for watch the games thou!
Harbor, I loved it :D
They called it 'floods', how if they seen floods in Jakarta?  it is ocean !! lmao
Amtrax train. Darien is one of wealthy Suburban area. many people work in NYC and live in Darien. its take 30-40 minutes to go to NYC. and 20-30 minutes by car!
Well, I just realize that i did not have a lot of pictures about my town. lets take a bunch of picture thou! haha...


kill the lights, dream tonight said...

darien seems so cool. hey would you like to check out my blog.? thanks. : )

Arya Ondrio ngepost said...

Hey, Yeah it is. We are ready to welcoming the spring here! I did, what a nice and unique blog!!!. but i cant leave the comment in your blog,i dunno why ).