December 26, 2010

December and Christmas Stories!

Sunday, December 5
Went to Christmas Store and took picture with Santa in Pound Rich, New York

Marian, Dan and I went to Christmas store and bought some of Christmas stuff

Saturday, December 11

Went to New York City with Nadia and did some Christmas shopping, many people wearing dress like santa :D
Took Picture Under the Infamous Giant Christmas Tree in Rockefeller, NYC

Sunday, December 12

Christmas Concert at Church, its all about Italiano Tasted :D

Me, Marian and My mom after the concert, Marian took a part as a choir in that concert, her voice so amazing :D

Sunday, December 19

Cut down the Christmas tree at the Jonas farm in New York 

Cut down The Tree with My famm
Dad, Mom, Me, Katie, Ellen, Luke, and my little sweety 'Lucy'

Thursday, December 23

Snoooow Day, The last and special day before Christmas Break !

Christmas Concert at Darien High School
Music Group, Choir, and Band
Friday, December 24

Went to church in the noon and late night service (affirmation and congregation)
This is my first time to visit the church, got a new experience!! Lets bridges the understanding to each other!
Went to the Christmas Party
Saturday, December 25
We woke up like 7.30 in the morning, and we open the presents together
lil story, this is the old tradition that my fam do it every single year
we put the presents underneath the christmas tree, and some of in Christmas stocking at mid night/before they go to bed on Dec 24, Whats Important is that each family has their own special way to enjoy the holiday, and everybody enjoys being in on that tradition!
My Dad, his tried to fixed Batik's Shirt ! Looks cool hah ?
I just gave them Shirt, Pants, Hat, and Pashmina 'Batiks' that i brought them from Indonesia :D' 
This is my Christmas stocking, they put it besides Fire Places.
usually they put some of presents inside the stocking :D
I wanna say thanks to my famm that i got a bunch of Presents
Handycam, Memory card and Bag for Handycam, Memphis Broadway show ticket, Tie-Bow ticket, poofball for play football, American windsock and puzzle, Toy story Magnets and Posters, Toys, Polo Sweatshirt, Warm Coat, T-shirt, Hat, Shoes, Flipflop, Socks, Books, Stocking, and Chocolate!
and Thanks for Ipod auuuustin ;D
Christmas Dinner, We sit together and wishes the good things together.
this is the end of the traditon on Christmas Day!
My Famm, for me you are my great presents this year, bunch of love for you guys!
Me in Christmas Eve, 2010 (Darien, Connecticut, United States)!


dinna said...

ooooooooon, envy deh hehehe
pasti seru banget ya on? waaaaw jangan lupa pulang lu!

Arya Ondrio ngepost said...

HAHA. we have our own way to be success. i will be envy with you when you are already exist in college :D i will be back soon dina! Missy !!