October 25, 2010

what they think about Indonesia ?

check this one, this is silly, stupid, dumb and Funny question that i got during my school year in here.

1.Stranger : hey you're going to school in here ?
   Me : yes !
   Stranger : cool buddy !
   Me : thanks :D
   Stranger : you wanna go to college in here ?
   Me : hemm, i guess no, i will comeback to my country and take college in there
   Stranger : so you have college/university in there ?
   Me : WHAAAAAAAAAAT ? -________________-

2.Stranger : What is it ?
   Me : what ? This one ?
   Stranger : yes, this one ...
   Me : this one ?
   Stranger : yeah .
   Me : its HARD DRIVE bro ...
   Stranger : Really ??? its cool ... i never seen before
   Stranger : you use this in Indonesia ?
   Me : --------------------------------

3.Stranger : Hey, are you Exchanges Students ?
   Me : yeah, nice to meet you
   Stranger : me too, where you from ?
   Me : Indonesia
   Stranger : Oooh, i know, did you watch World Cup 2010 ?
   Me : yes, its so fantastic
   Stranger : yeah, lucky you. you can watched it  live
   Me : live ? im watched on TV
   Stranger : why ? its near, rite ?
   Me : why ? near ?
   Stranger : Indonesia in Africa, rite ?
   Me : 0.O

4.Stranger : Whats'up dude ? (In The computer Lab)
   Me : not too much, you ?
   Stranger : fine, Do you using computer in Indonesia ?
   Me : -- (I show my Blog and i gave him my FB)
   Stranger : haha, its so surprise for me dude .

5.Stranger : Hows you like school so far ?
   Me : yeah, Im very enjoying my year ini here.
   Stranger : anyone you like ?
   Me : hemmm,
   Stranger : Come on, who's ?
   Me : not really ...
   Stranger : any girl in there ? In Indonesia ?
   Me : My mom is woman, :p
   Stranger : haha, hows girl in there?
   Me : same like here, its sure !
   Stranger : ooh, can you show me indonesian girl ?
   Me : (i gave him FB my friends)
   Stranger : oh GOD... she's so beautifulll :D

6.Stranger : many people in Indonesia ?
   Me : yes,
   Stranger : its crowded in there ?
   Me : in my city yeah, i live in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia
   Stranger : really its crowded ?
   Me : Indonesia has 250 milion people , the 4th biggest population Country.
   Stranger : Oh My i cant believe it.

7.Stranger : you smoke?
    Me : no
    Stranger : marijuana ?
    Me : no
    Stranger : Drugs ?
    Me : no
    Stranger : you like party ?
    Me : not really
    Stranger : you having seks ?
    Me : no
    Stranger : So, What are you doing in here?
    Me : to get experience and learn more culture and education system in here
    Starnger : hahahahhaha

8.Stranger : Hei Dude ..
   Me : hai ... you wanna gum ?
   Stranger : yes, thanks ..
   Me : anytime..
   Stranger : Im Impressed that you eat gum :D
   Me : OHhh, ha..ha.. yeah , thanks

9.Stranger : do you have KFC in Indonesia ?
   Me : eeh .. of course .
   Stranger : its good ?
   Me : YES ! Its better then here .

10.Stranger : do you have French Fries ?
   Me : -----  yeah , sure
   Stranger : CooL

Its funny to answer stupidity question like that. many stupidity question that i got in here. but i just answered it with smile and gracefully. sometimes its not make sense and even its sounds too bad. but its fact !!!
I got one big conclusion that hows teenagers in here thinking about Indonesia. probably its not be representative all of teenager in america but thats what  i got in my high school here. sometimes i feel so bad and so sad, Indonesia its not common and not famous in here. even just a few people knew Indonesia. so, we are as a teenager and future leader should do something to promotion our country to the world !
what should i do ? the answer is 'IEW 2010' . International Education Week 2010.
this Event will be held during November, and its the best time for US (Indonesian Kid) to presentation and showing to them hows beautifull Indonesia ^_^. Wish Me Luck .....................




Ampera Bridge, South Sumatera
Raja Ampat, West Papua
Mt Puncak Jaya, The Highest point. Papua

Prambanan Temple in Java
Mosque in Aceh
Jakarta, Capital city of Indonesia
Jakarta, Capital city of Indonesia

Im Indonesian and Im Proud

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